One of the worst things you can encounter at a convention is sub-par panels. This can lead to poor turnout, people clogging the hallways out of boredom, and overall dissatisfaction. If you are a convention planner in the tri-state area, consider hiring The Abusement Park for your panel needs!

The Abusement Park has been performing panels since 2010 and has been featured at many conventions since then. Known for their energy, friendliness, and shocking humour, The Abusement Park has also been labeled as “serial panelists” for their penchant to run between four and eleven hours of programming throughout a single convention weekend.

Be sure to check out the descriptions of some of their most popular panels below, and travel along to their website for their full listing of panels and for more information on booking them for your next convention!

That Doesn’t Go There! (18+)
Do thoughts of anime characters in risque positions keep you up at night? Does the notion of “tentacles” have you quivering in fear? Come to That Doesn’t Go There!, and find the support group you’ve always wanted!  Due to the content and our games, this panel is 18+.

Awesomely Bad Fanfiction (18+)
Prepare to laugh. Prepare to cry. It’s time for the best and the worst (and the awesomely bad) in the realm of fanfiction!  We’ll have some treasures like My Immortal, some rarities like You’ve Got A Friend In Me, and a little of everything in-between. Due to some explicit language, this panel is 18+.

Lesser Known Anime
We know of the greats, but what of those underground shows? Have you heard of Papuwa, Ghost Stories, or Ping Pong Club? After this panel, you’ll certainly love them! :D

The Saints Row Super Special Wub-Wub Panel! (18+)
Whether you’re a long-time fan or have never heard of the game, Saints Row offers something for everyone! This crack-filled variant of GTA has filled many a gamers’ heart with love, joy, and hysterical laughter. Come join us to see an overview of the series and Easter eggs, look at cool gadgets, and fangasm over why everyone should take a journey into Steelport!

Five Nights At The Abusement Park (18+)
Scott Cawthon’s adventure into the realm of horror-suspense gaming has taken the world by storm. From its quick releases, to its memorable characters, to its chilling story…FNAF is everywhere, and the legacy its leaving behind isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Join us in looking at the ins and outs of this game, the strange interpretations via the depths of the internet, and the joys of Markiplier! A few lucky participants will also get the luxury of playing the game…live…for all to enjoy >:)