Lucky 13 Productions is a media-based production company situated in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. While videography is our main flair, we also specialize in photography, written communication, and music! We know that many people want a momento of their events, but they may be intimidated by “high-quality” services in their area. To solve this issue, Lucky 13 Productions is known for producing high-quality results with a casual, laidback staff.

Founder and CEO, Angela Nicole Chu, launched Lucky 13 Productions during a moment of boredom in college, when she wanted to brand her professional work. Her favourite number is 13, and thus “Lucky 13 Productions” was born! Most of our endeavours are still run through Angela directly, but sometimes one of the other team members will make an appearance to assist during an event. Regardless of who arrives, you can be assured that all Lucky 13 Productions team members are professional, fun, and highly-trained!

When asked about the future of Lucky 13 Productions, Angela replied, “The sky’s the limit!” Never one to limit herself to only old tricks, Angela added that she has been interested in bringing game design and fitness courses to the Lucky 13 Productions roster. For now, enjoy your stay of the site, and contact us whenever you need a memorable evening to be made!

The Team!

Angela Nicole Chu

Founder, CEO, Jack Of All Trades

Angela is the author of the Banana Avenue Chronicles novels and a YouTube star. She holds a BA in Written & Media Communications from Bellarmine University. She is a self-taught author, journalist, filmmaker, web developer, and musician, and she honed her skills via the careful instruction of professors and fellow artists. Angela has seven years of professional videography experience, six years of professional writing experience, and five years of professional photography experience. In her free time, Angela can be found performing aerial arts, playing her ukulele, and cuddling her three cats.

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